Outreach & Education

School Presentations
RCIS offers age-appropriate presentations to Carroll County public and private middle and high school health classes, advocacy clubs, sports teams, and more. Current grade-level specific presentations include:

Healthy & Safe Boundaries (6th Grade): focused on creating boundaries, establishing trusted adults, and defining consent.

Sexual Harassment (7th Grade): focused on types of sexual harassment and steps to take if you experience it.

Dating Shouldn’t Hurt (8th Grade): focused on teen dating violence, with an emphasis on sexual and digital abuse.

Sexual & Dating Violence (High School, Health 1): focused on the causes, impacts, and issues related to sexual violence, consent, and teen dating violence.

Rape Myths & Rape Culture (High School, Health 2): focused on common misconceptions about sexual violence and how rape culture appears in music, advertising, and other forms of media.

Campus Sexual Violence (High School, Health 3): how sexual violence occurs on college campuses and preparing students to be active bystanders.

For more information or to request a school presentation, please contact lkwhite@rapecrisiscc.org.

Community/Professional Presentations

We are also able to offer a wide variety of topic-specific presentations to organizations, government agencies, law enforcement, and more. Commonly requested topics include statistics and trends related to sexual violence, bystander intervention, dating and intimate partner violence, trauma-sensitive workplaces and investigation, stalking, student support, how to respond to disclosures from victim-survivors of sexual violence, and much more. We would be happy to discuss the needs of your organization and tailor a training to you!

Recently, we have been partnering with local law enforcement agencies as part of our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) initiative to present targeted trainings to law enforcement officers and other first responders.  Topics covered in these trainings include:  Sexual Violence and Consent, The Neurobiology of Trauma and Stress Responses, Rape Culture, Perpetrator Behavior & Characteristics, Investigation and Implicit Bias, Vicarious/Secondary Trauma, and more.  Please contact our office to learn about upcoming trainings or to request a training tailored to the needs of your agency. 

For more information or to request a community presentation, please contact khuber@rapecrisiscc.org or lkwhite@rapecrisiscc.org or call our office at (410) 857-0900.

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