Board of Trustees

Brian C. Lewis

Natasha Costley
Vice President

Norma Wright

Ashley Pamer

Gary Bauer
Amanda Costley
Scott Pete

Interested in joining our board? Please read the guidelines below and reach out to for more information.

  1. As a board member, you must make sure you meet the needs of the people you serve.
  2. Board members, acting as a group, set policies and goals for the administrator to implement and achieve.
  3. Board members must ensure their organization has adequate finances and money is spent responsibly.
  4. Board members must play an active role in supporting the organization and administrator.
  5. Board members, acting as a full board, select and evaluate a chief executive officer (administrator) who in turn becomes the board’s manager.
  6. Individual board members should support the administrator with their consulting skills when asked.
  7. Board members, acting as a team, should make a written plan that outlines the long-term future of the organization.
  8. Individual board members should attend board meetings and agency events and actively participate, including serving on committees and as officers.
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